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Find your way on the Pathway to Wealth®, produce enough cashflow to fund your desired lifestyle.GPS Wealth advisers are guiding many Australians along their financial journey through every stage, helping them to achieve success, financial freedom.

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Understanding your priorities

Our goal is to understand you and deliver the best advice for your needs. GPS Wealth Advisers use the Game of Money® philosophy to help break down what’s important to you.

Holistic Approach

GPS Wealth advisers do not favour only one investment class such as property or shares. By having a holistic approach they are able to offer a better return for a given level of risk.

Ongoing Service

GPS Wealth takes pride in sticking with you along your financial journey. Helping you through every milestone , achieving your financial goals by continuously evolving and improving your plan.

Wealth Advice that meets your needs

We understand your journey is unique and different to other everyday Australians. GPS Wealth Financial Planners are experienced in all areas of financial advice providing you a quality financial strategy. Below are just a few areas we can assist you.

Wealth Creation

Every winning team has a game plan, this is where our advice maps out a strategy for you to manage debt, cashflow, assets and investments options.

Investment Strategies

Its important to plan for today and the future. GPS Wealth Advisers provide a host of options that are suited to your risk profile.

Retirement Planning

Ensuring the right decisions today will take all the stress and anxiety away when you enter this relaxing and enjoyable chapter. Effective tax strategies, Investment strategies are a couple of options to explore.

Estate Planning

Develop a plan to maintain and distribute your assets in the event your unable to. A good complete strategy in place will ensure its an efficient process with the right people in mind.

Tax Strategies

Effective Tax strategies can can help you generate wealth. Its simply knowing what efficiencies can be implemented along with other financial strategies in place.

Debt Management

Circumstances in life that we cant control can sometimes accumulate unwanted debt. Its important this doesnt become an overwhelming burden. There are effective ways to manage this and implement a plan.

Superannuation Advice

Your retirement depends on a healthy superannuation that is constantly generating wealth for you. Its important make sure you are maximising wealth generated so you can retire in style.

Self Managed Superannuation

Our advisers will go through the pros and cons and help you decide if an SMSF is right for you.An SMSF can be a great strategy upon retirement for all the members within the trust.


Protecting you and everything important to you, including your family. Have the peace of mind knowing that you, your family, wealth and assets are secure for any unexpected circumstances.

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How the Game of Money® can help me?

We use the Game of Money® to help describe the different stages of a person’s financial life. The Game of Money® was created as a communication tool to help simplify the financial journey using the four bases of a baseball diamond for a reflection of the various stages within the financial journey.

Most people start off with no direction, no plan and no strategy. Our aim is to get them to take action and move to first base, set the PERFECT Foundations.

Moving to second base is a wealth creation plan we call Pathway to Wealth®, this program is for people who are looking to accelerate their wealth through various strategies such as investments, superannuation, maximise cashflow, tax planning etc.

After successfully completing the Pathway to Wealth® program we move onto 3rd base, Countdown to Retirement. We examine all wealth creation and preservation strategies. Review and refocus all your goals and ensure its on target.

Homebase is for those that are ready to Retire in Style. Understanding your goals, ensure your estate plans are clear, review how long your money will last, maximise income streams and possibly use the CARE Investment philosophy to reduce risk in retirement.

Where are you in the Game of Money?

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