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Imagine working in an environment and with people with..

  • Tools and Resources

    You had some of the best market leading client engagement tools in the business.

  • Expert Training

    You were continually trained in client engagement, sales, real financial planning and also running your business effectively by experienced coaches.

  • Reaching your targets

    The people training and coaching you, actually helped you accomplish what you set out to achieve. Guideing you to achieve and meet your targets.

If your current dealer group does not offer any of the above then you need to speak to a GPS Wealth representative for an obligation free meeting. At GPS Wealth we simply exist to help financial planners like you to build ideal practices, working with ideal clients, and giving great advice.

GPS Wealth is not a dealer group but a new category of financial services licensee. We believe we are the way of the future not the past.

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What do our advisers say?

Coaching Advisers to Success

As a business owner, you might think the steps to financial success are easy. But success is usually not just about knowing what to do, it’s about having the mindset for doing it. Business owners usually don’t fail because they don’t know what to do, they fail because they don’t do what they know needs to be done.

At GPS Wealth we aim to provide business owners with a recipe for success. But you must be ready and disciplined enough to follow that recipe.

Our recipe is flexible enough to fit different styles, preferences and business plans and we recognise every business as starting from a different place.

Our coaching is designed to start from wherever you are, to help you set clear goals and clear action plans.

The type of advisers we work with

We only work with advisers who want to be and choose to be successful, and who are willing to do something about it.

You may be a risk writer, a financial planner or an adviser who provides both risk and planning services.

You may already have a successful business with an existing accounting firm but believe there is room to further improve your business.

You may be an experienced salaried adviser or are relatively new to the industry and are keen to grow your own business.

You may be an established adviser with 7 or 8 referral sources of which only a couple are working well and you want to improve the performance of the other referral partners.

Providing you have the drive to achieve success and have the right technical skills with a clear focus of acting always in the client’s best interest, you will be an adviser we wish to work with.

Key Benefits GPS Wealth Offers To Advisers

System and Tools

Our systems and tools have been developed by accountants and advisers for accountants and advisers.

Building Ideal Practices

We specialise in helping advisers build ‘ideal practices’ working with ideal clients giving great advice

Proven Processes

We provide the tools, systems and processes to run a successful and growing practice and a framework for planning the ‘ideal business’, and then taking the necessary action steps to make it happen.

Training and Mentoring

We provide a simple, effective financial planning framework, backed by training and coaching that enables advisers to uncover client goals, create a compelling vision for their achievement, and a plan of action for their success.

Referral Relationships

We support our advisers with the engagement of their accounting referral partners, via our menu of services and intellectual property

Adviser Network

We are selective in the practices we allow into GPS Wealth and you will therefore be surrounded by people who have the same positive attitude and principals.

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