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Market Update
COVID-19 Facts and Market Update

Financial markets have been sold off heavily since the end of February firstly in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and then in response to an unexpected breakdown in the relationship between Saudi Arabia and Russia which caused oil prices to fall substantially. In the last week markets began to focus on COVID-19 again as the incidence and rate of spread was higher than previously anticipated. The current news cycle is overwhelming. Taking the time to remain calm and rational, whilst extremely difficult, is vital.

Emmanuel Calligeris, Chairman of the Investment Committee, has shared his latest market insights and observations in the video and the commentary.

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Cairns 2020 - Conference
Conference Registration is now open

Our conference is in idyllic Cairns Queensland and will provide you and your team the tools and vision to have Clarity. Control and Confidence as we move into the new decade.

It’s about a journey we are all on. It’s a quest to get a clear picture of where we need to head. To get clarity of that picture and put some planning and controls around it so you are in control. Once you have that clarity and control, you will have the confidence to push further and take more calculated risks to grow and develop your business.

As we bring our conference onshore to Cairns for the first time in a number of years, we are reframing our conference to reflect the changing environment, importantly around community expectations and the professionalism of the financial advice industry.

The agenda is filled with advanced learning sessions, both on an individual and business level, prominent speakers, highly relevant workshops and exciting evening events which are all integral to any of our Conferences.

We hope you can join us in beautiful Cairns this year!

Building and integrated accounting firm
How to build an integrated accounting and financial planning firm

The accounting industry may be all about dollars but it’s no license to print money.

Running an accounting firm has never been more challenging as new technology has slashed revenue and margins from more traditional accounting, tax and auditing services.

Times have changed since I founded a firm 22 years ago and I’m often asked what I would do if I were starting out today. Read more >>

Leading the Convergence of Accounting and Wealth