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Manager, Monitoring & Supervision



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Sarah has worked in the life insurance industry since 1996. Sarah has had senior roles in many Insurance companies, including Macquarie Life and TAL.

Working with many financial advice businesses, including the small one-man-show to large dealer groups, she has trained many advisers and support staff across Australia in utilising the tools the insurers have and how these can benefit the adviser.

She has spent the past 2 years running her own outsourcing business for financial advisers in Insurance administration.

Sarah also worked in television for 7 years in both programming and production in Australia and the UK.

Sarah will be managing the monitoring and supervision of GPS advisers, working alongside the compliance team.

Sarah enjoys travelling, reading non-fiction (anything on self-development, interior design, finance), portraiture and abstract painting, all music, reality TV and the dying-arts of knitting, crochet, sewing and embroidery. She would also prefer to watch Question Time and Q&A over a game of rugby. Sarah and her husband Ian, have a son, Jake.