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Accountants are grossly miscalculating the cost of licensing their own SMSF advice business, with many expecting to pay around one eighth of the actual cost, research has found.

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The chief executive of the Findex Group, which recently acquired Crowe Horwath, has warned the accounting profession it is under extreme pressure from digital disruption, with tax and reporting work facing an immediate risk.

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SME Software in a Flap - Seven companies are competing to sell online accounting software to Australia's small businesses. For some it's the opening tussle in a global rivalry. Can they all survive?

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"When deciding on my direction for RG146 compliance and limited licensing I chose GPS Wealth because
1. I was looking for value and return. GPS made it simple to become an authorised representative and continue to do business as an accountant after 1 July 2016. They assisted me in obtaining my RG146 compliance quickly and efficiently without taking too much time out of work.
2. Secondly, I liked the way they offered to accountants the ability to refer clients built on a trusted relationship (which gets built while being with them) and have those clients taken care of and protected
3. Thirdly GPS believe like us in the ultimate goal, that of the financial success of our mutual clients. Together we can promote many avenues to build on peoples financial strengths not just on a share portfolio but on overall health wealth and retirement security."

Iolanda Romano
Romano Business Accountants

"GPS Wealth’s RG146 course was relaxed, interactive and a great two days of learning. As an accountant and partner in an accounting practice, I thought I knew what was involved with Financial Advising, and while I surprised myself with knowing some of the content, the reality was I actually acquired great knowledge and skills while gaining a renewed appreciation for the complexities in providing Financial Advice. GPS Wealth’s RG146 course has given me the knowledge, skills and tools to provide relevant financial advice to my clients and now, as a GST Wealth Authorised Adviser, I am supported in my expanded role which gives me great opportunities as an accountant into the future."

Julie Blatch
MYC Partners, Accountants

"Bradley Tatnell and I recently completed the GPS Wealth RG146 compliance course. The whole process was straight forward and time efficient which is valuable to us as busy professionals. We would highly recommend the GPS Wealth for anyone requiring RG146 compliance."

David Le Seur

“An efficient way of obtaining RG146, in just two days of face to face learning, which includes completing assessment tasks and some post assessments to submit, you have compliance to give advice in the SMSF space.”

Gerard Andrews
Walker & Andrews Chartered Accountants