Accountants have completed our RG146 2 day course already


Accountants have already applied for a Limited Authority through GPS Wealth


If you are an accountant act now!


It's called the GPS LAP. There are two licensing options for the accountant to choose from. Importantly the options have been developed by real accountants for real practicing accountants. 

With removal of the accountants exemption from the 1st July 2016 (which allowed accountants to establish and provide limited advice in relation to SMSF's) accountants now need to be making decisions on the type of licence they need.

  • Obtain and maintain a limited Australian Financial Services Licence
  • Obtain and maintain a Full AFSL
  • Become an authorised representative of another AFSL
  • Do nothing (which means the accounting firm cannot provide advice whether general or specific in relation to SMSF's or any other financial product for that matter) after 1 July 2016

The benefits to the accounting firm of becoming licensed through an existing AFSL

By embracing financial services it enables the accounting firm to offer clients extra value added services which will generate profits and capital value. But it will also will add to more strategic advice being given to clients in relation to SMFS's further increasing revenue and profits.

Greg says " It really enables many accounting firms to transform their businesses and differentiate their practice from many of their competitors. Importantly it also means the accounting firm becomes the "one stop shop" which puts the fence around the client base". 

Accounting Insurance Services

GPS Wealth recognises the importance of having strong systems and processes to support forward thinking accountants in the area of client introductions to specialists for investment planning and insurance.

State of the art processes in GPS have been developed by accountants for accountants. Today GPS specialises in providing tools, templates and systems to enable accounting firms to successfully refer their client's financial advice and risk insurance needs (Life, trauma, TPD, income protection insurance) to a specialist adviser. It's an old adage that you can only manage what you can measure.

  • When signing with GPS Wealth you will receive a one on one meeting with a GPS representative to conduct an initial planning meeting.
  • We will then work with you to identify a professional adviser who will fit with your practice and your client's from both a values and beliefs basis.
  • We will meet with you regularly to review progress of the relationship and re calibrate as necessary.
  • You and your accounting colleagues will be invited to our success days which focus on many different areas such as SMSF, business structuring and client relationships.
  • As you are no doubt aware, as a trusted professional adviser, you, the accountant, have a legal and professional duty of care to at least inform your client's of the importance of risk insurance. Our processes keep you in control of this important responsibility.

You will be invited to an Introduction to GPS Wealth day to "kick our tyres" and see if a relationship with GPS Wealth is right for you.

If your current referral relationship does not offer any of the above then you need to speak to a GPS Wealth representative for an obligation free meeting. At GPS Wealth we simply exist to help accountants like you to build ideal referral partnerships, working with ideal client's, and giving appropriate advice. GPS Wealth is not a dealer group but a new category of financial services licensee. We believe we are the way of the future not the past.