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Easton Wealth Annual Awards 2020

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See the highlights from the Virtual Awards Ceremony.

With or without the Annual Conference the Easton Wealth 2020 Awards were to continue!

In fact the team at Easton Wealth (GPS Wealth) believe this year is even more important than any other to provide recognition of excellence. We are all confronted with an environment for us to rise and meet the challenge whether it be to innovate new business ideas, adapt to working in isolation, motivating ourselves and our team or managing the clients needs under pressure.

All of these attributes go a long way towards demonstrating excellence in each field and achieving the criteria outlined in the Easton Wealth Awards Criteria. This criteria is considered when awarding a finalist’ and ultimately the winner for the 2020 Annual Awards.

Congratulations to everyone involved! Below are the finalists and the winners for each category.

Best Website

  • Insight Wealth Planning
  • Stream Financial
  • The Planning Room

The Winner is Stream Financial

Practice Support Award (GPS Wealth)

  • Jodie Maguire
  • Jordan Warren
  • Kurt Ford
  • Kim Mooney

The Winner is Jodie Maguire

Practice Support Award (Merit Wealth)

  • Jessica Beck
  • Jodie Thompson
  • Helen Trjcevski
  • Grace Liang
  • Cheryl Ayres

The Winner is Jessica Beck

Young Gun Award (GPS Wealth)

  • Liam Wilson
  • Pat Tuazon
  • Josh Yudasin

The Winner is Pat Tuazon

Professional Standards Award (GPS Wealth)

  • Donna Adoranti
  • Rachael Ooi
  • Reine Clemow
  • Tabitha Tworek
  • Rob McGregor

The Winner is Rachael Ooi

Professional Standards Award (Merit Wealth)

  • Matt Pack
  • Damien Barker
  • Ged Lewis
  • Andrew Taylor

The Winner is Matt Pack

Accounting Practice of the Year (GPS Wealth)

  • DLA Partners
  • Quantum Partners (Quantify)
  • Greenview Accountants
  • Connon Partners
  • Bright Wealth

The Winner is Quantum Partners

Accounting Practice of the Year (Merit Wealth)

  • Wards Accounting Group
  • Fiducia Wealth
  • WSC Group
  • Hayes Knight

The Winner is WSC Group

GPS Wealth Award

  • Duane Stewart
  • Adam Chalk
  • Sue Warren
  • Tabitha Tworek
  • Rachael Ooi

The Winner is Adam Chalk and Tabitha Tworek

Merit Wealth Award

  • George Dermentzis
  • Nick Schuster
  • Matt Pack
  • Jim Cresnar

The Winner is Jim Cresnar

Practice of the Year (GPS Wealth)

  • My Wealth Solutions
  • Insight Wealth Planning
  • McGregor Wealth Management
  • EQ Wealth
  • Hunter Wealth
  • Acquira Wealth

The Winner is Insight Wealth Planning

Practice of the Year (Merit Wealth)

  • Merit Planning (Hills)
  • Merit Planning (SA)
  • WSC Group
  • Advice Partners Wealth Solutions & The Financial Group

The Winner is Merit Planning (Hills)

Adviser of the Year (GPS Wealth)

  • Simone Du Chesne
  • Ben Budge
  • Paula Parsons
  • Donna Adoranti
  • Rob McGregor
  • Tabitha Tworek

The Winner is Simone Du Chesne

Adviser of the Year (Merit Wealth)

  • Jim Mills
  • Nick Schuster
  • Andrew Taylor
  • Matt Pack

The Winner is Nick Schuster

Article written by Grahame Evans

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