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Episode #5 - Client Behaviour in an Asymmetric Financial World

Ground Control
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Episode #5 - Client Behaviour in an Asymmetric Financial World

This edition of Ground Control we have special guest Andrew Inwood from CoreData Research who provides some valuable insights based on the research CoreData have been doing. Specifically around the adviser sentiment, how are the advisers really feeling during these times of uncertainty…Positive? Optimistic or Pessimistic? Andrew also explains how client sentiment is travelling with a huge drop on 1st April, but what have the statistics shown thereafter?

Have you heard of the term “The Hammer and the Dance”? The biggest question people are searching for is what happens in the second wave of the Corona Virus? We find out the relevance of the Hammer and the dance and explore the three potential scenarios of economic recovery that we are potentially faced with.

Diving into the market and investor behaviour, Andrew reinforces that today’s financial world currently is going to be asymmetric, there is hard work involved in understanding what is happening right now. Communication is vital and Andrew introduces a post Jungian (Carl Jung) Behavioural Framework and how you can use it to break down clients into 4 distinct behavioural segments. Understanding this, helps you to understand and communicate effectively during times where nervous tension is very much prevalent.

There are so many gems in this episode of Ground Control! We hope you enjoy.

Download the CoreData COVID-19 Longitudinal Analysis [April 2020]


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