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A platform with a 360 degree view of the Financial Advice World

Ground Control is a communications initiative to support the financial adviser and client, keeping them informed on the many changes happening in todays financial advice landscape. It's all too easy to be left behind or miss the important changes that impact the quality of the advice received and given, or even maintain an upper hand on advice strategies that create value to your growing practice.

Ground Control operates on five different channels to provide a 360 degree view for you. Stay on the edge of tomorrow while protecting the hard earned progress that you have already made.

The Communications Platform is built on proven state of the art systems which makes it easy to access your content anywhere in various formats that suit you.

Check out the below channels currently running on the Ground Control platform.

Ground Control
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Ground Control Original Series

Hear from industry thought leaders in an open and transparent discussion format. This original series was the first Ground Control channel to launch and received popular feedback and ratings. Advisers and clients found value in the insights offered by the guest panelists that were open and candid about many of the issues affecting the industry and most importantly the world. During times like COVID-19 uncertaintly was at it's peak and it was reassuring to know what was going through the minds of these key figures of the financial sector.

Malcolm Palmer from Joseph Palmer and Co

Episode #1 - Making sense of the nonsensical!
Malcolm, with his enormous experience including the 1987 share market crash, shares with us how he sees the global economy, the recent stimulus especially.......

Andrew Papageorgiou from Realm Investment House

Episode #2 - Defensive Assets: True to label in volatile times!
In session 2, Andrew Papageorgiou Joint Managing Partner of Realm shares with us his view on how the current environment initially played out .......

Emmanuel Calligeris, Chairman Investment Committee

Episode #3 - The next 3 months and beyond: The future has a future
In our 3rd edition of Ground Control we look at the upcoming few months and how it may play out as well as consider the more medium to long term future. Emmanuel Calligeris, Chair of our.......

Emmanuel Calligeris, Chairman Investment Committee

Episode #4 - The Road Out: Tread Carefully
In this fourth edition of Ground Control Emmanuel Calligeris the Chair of the Easton Wealth Investment Committee discusses the RBA forecasts, his views on the relationship of the Australian Dollar to the US Dollar, provides an explanation on.......

Andrew Inwood, CEO CoreData

Episode #5 - Client Behaviour in an Asymmetric Financial World
This edition of Ground Control we have special guest Andrew Inwood from CoreData Research who provides some valuable insights based on the research CoreData have been doing. Specifically around .......

Emmanuel Calligeris, Chairman Investment Committee

Episode #6 - The Rollercoaster is over: Now for the Road Bumps
The rollercoaster may have slowed down but there are likely to be many road-bumps along the way. Emmanuel Calligeris shares his insights into how companies will report in a ........

Emmanuel Calligeris, Chairman Investment Committee

Episode #7 - Uncover, Discover, Recover the Road Through Recession
Our Ground Control sessions have been focused around the impacts of COVID-19 and the major oil shock on the markets. Now it’s time to start the conversation about recession and the road .......

Kristen Lennis-Harvey - General Manager of Retail Distribution in AIA Australia

Episode #8 - A COVID world - seen through the eyes of insurers
In this episode we invite Kristen Lennis-Harvey – (General Manager of Retail Distribution in AIA Australia) to provide some insights around what is going on in the insurance......

Andrew Alcock - Managing Director Hub24

Episode #9 - Platforms : removing the invisible cost of financial administration
Episode #9 of Ground Control features Andrew Alcock, the Managing Director of Hub24. As one of the ‘challengers’ to the old platform industry, Andrew describes Hub24’s vision in boosting .......

Malcolm Palmer & Emmanuel Calligeris

**Special Edition** - Constructing and managing client portfolios in these extraordinary times
In this video, Malcolm shared his insights of stock valuations in different sectors and industries, ranging from material and energy to travel, banking and healthcare.......

Transmission Received is aimed at a combination of short, sharp and timely bursts of the latest compliance and legislative changes occuring in the industry. You will also gain important tips on strengthening your quality advice to help create value for you and your client.

Taking the positive steps of making your quality advice strong and efficient will set you and your practice apart and forge long lasting relationships with your clients as they grow to appreciate the solid hard work you put into the 'behind the scenes' process.

Transmission Received is delivered in regular video updates as well as a live online seminar every month.

Stay informed and in tune

World events are constantly impacting the markets and creating enough volatility to lose sleep over. Be a virtual member of the Easton Wealth Investment Committee and find out what they are bearish and bullish about. Gain vital insights of what the horizon looks like and where world economies are heading. Keep your clients well informed and maintain a strong grip of current situations happening in markets.

The Market Watch is aimed at delivering you the adviser the information you need to communicate effectively with your clients. At the same time providing a multimedia newsletter you can share to your clients offering real value to your business proposition.

Hear from innovation leaders of Easton Wealth and understand exactly what their thought process is on key topics. What are the important opportunities for financial advice practices now and in the future. Business models that will help grow your practice and pitfalls to beware of as you scale up your operations.

Captains Log features a mixed format with various videos produced with a presentation structure and others in a question and answer forum that allows for a more relaxed and candid discussion.

There is opportunity to post your questions and have the "Captains" response and thoughts, giving you an extra perspective you may not have considered.

A client education series designed to make the complex topics a little easier to understand. Not all information is unique to each client, imagine being able to leverage an easy and understandable video to do some of the talking for you. There is no need to 'reinvent the wheel' everytime you meet a client.

Watch this space! More information coming soon.

General Advice Warning

The information contained on this website has been provided as general advice only. The contents have been prepared without taking account of your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. You should, before you make any decision regarding any information, strategies or products mentioned on this website, consult your own financial advisor to consider whether that is appropriate having regard to your own objectives, financial situation and needs.

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