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CAREphilosophy® - New CARE Essentials™ portfolios

CARE Essentials

We are pleased to announce that the new CARE Essentials™ High Growth Portfolio and CARE Essentials™ Defensive Portfolio are now available to investors on the Hub24 Core menu.

The CARE Essentials™ portfolios follow the same methodology underlying our established CAREphilosophy®, which has been in use for over 15 years and has helped advisers to successfully manage their clients’ investments through good times and bad, including the Global Financial Crisis. It is developed around the investment and behavioural philosophies that take into consideration the risk profile, financial goals, investment needs and objectives of an investor.

CARE Essentials™ is designed as a solution for clients who want to get started on this CARE journey but are on comparably lower balances and it allows an easy transition to the existing Comprehensive CARE as a client’s portfolio grows.

Having a consistently performing, tailored strategy is a really important part of building the wealth an investor will need to achieve financial independence and a great retirement. We are excited to share with you more on the CAREphilosophy® and CARE Essentials™ via here.

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